Texas Champion Wrestler Rex Andrews from Reality of Wrestling with music by Trip Hop Band Mellowtone - Ep. 0015


Texas Champion Wrestler Rex Andrews talks about:
- when and why he got into wrestling
- who his wrestling heroes are
- how he got started with Booker T and Reality of Wrestling in Texas
- what his goal of "collecting arms" means
- what the worst time he felt he hurt someone in the ring
- giving me some pointers on my likelihood of getting into wrestling
Then we find out how smart a Wrestling Champion is by asking questions about medical terms for common wrestling injuries.
We also played the song "Long Gone" from the Trip Hop Band Mellowtone.
In Pitches Get Riches, we try and help Jake Williamson and Britt Chandler raise money for their comedy series "Adventure Capital" Kickstarter which is about a disgraced Wall Street Analyst who decides to exploit Nerd Culture for his own profit.
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