Professional Wrestler Ivelisse Velez interview with music by Alternative Rock Band Gnarly Karma - Ep. 0030


Professional Wrestler Ivelisse Velez talks about:
- [2:47] when and how she got into wrestling in Puerto Rico
- [4:23] her first match and what it was like getting into the ring
- [5:27] whether or not winning matters in professional wrestling
- [7:20] how she got on Lucha Underground
- [11:51] the history of Lucha and how women and men wrestle each other
- [12:47] being Trios Champion and hopes of being a solo champion
- [13:52] whether she's still the baddest bitch in the building
- [14:07] fan questions from an Unnamed Dude and Shane
- [18:17] being on Spike's Tattoo Nightmares for her tattoo below the belt
- [23:08] the latest news on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
- [29:06] starting 2018 performing in Australia
[25:15] Then we quiz Ivelisse Velez to find out how well she knows her gym terminology.
[30:15] We talked about some fun facts and also played the song "Trees" from the Alternative Rock Band Gnarly Karma.
[1:56] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael by hearing about his love of The Wrestling Album.
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Find more about Gnarly Karma at:
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