Musician Jake Aldridge interview with his very own Hip Hop/R&B/Pop music - Ep. 0016


Musician Jake Aldridge talks about:
- how old he was when he got into music
- his musical inspiration Tupac Shakur
- how he takes his thoughts and turns them into songs
- his new song "Fireman", featuring Lisa Ambrose, and plays his part live for us
- how special turning his songs into music videos is to him
- his response to a fan question from Duchess Lane
Then we quiz Jake to find out how smart musicians that work with mixing engineers are.
We also played Jake's song "Give You The World", which is part one, where "Fireman" is part two.
In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael as he tells you about working out and trying a pre-workout drink for the first time.
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- Jake Aldridge on 5/11/17 -
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