Hypnotist Rory Z interview with music by Jazz/Folk/Americana Band Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves - Ep. 0031


Hypnotist Rory Z talks about:
- [3:00] Reddit user's question "Who the hell is Rory Z?"
- [4:39] when and why he got into hypnotism
- [6:49] rapid induction and what the key to making it work is
- [9:51] whether he can make you do whatever he wants
- [13:56] not being able to hypnotize his cat but that you can hypnotize a chicken
- [15:20] what havoc a terrible hypnotist could cause
- [20:12] his YouTube video called The Magnetic Hands Hypnotic Suggestibility Test
- [24:04] the latest news around health and the holidays
- [32:08] about his books & DVDs and where you can find them
[27:52] Then we quiz Rory Z to find out how well he's treating his beard.
[35:33] We talked about some fun facts and also played the song "Looking for Love" from the Jazz/Folk/Americana Band Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves.
[2:08] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael by hearing about his weight loss challenge.
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