Entertainer & Host Jeff Civillico interview with music by Reggae Artist Presto Magic - Ep. 0020


Entertainer & Host Jeff Civillico talks about:
- [8:50] what came first, the juggling or the comedy, spoiler alert, turns out the philanthropy
- [10:05] how old he was when he started entertaining and why
- [11:52] his Las Vegas show "Comedy In Action"
- [12:36] why he's calling in from Costa Rica, lucky bastard
- [15:37] how he keeps it a one-man clean comedy show
- [17:43] using a shake weight, yup, shake weight, in his performance and why
- [21:20] what joggling is and who's doing it in marathons
- [27:15] his non-profit Win-Win Entertainment and what they do
- [31:30] starting a juggling club and fighting off all the ladies
- [33:52] how we can all donate to Win-Win Entertainment and where funds go to
- [41:00] what performers that live in Las Vegas do for fun
[36:09] Then we quiz Jeff to find out well he remembers guests he had on his TV show "The Weekend In Vegas".
[45:38] We also played the song "About My Money" from the Reggae Artist Presto Magic.
[2:05] In Pitches Get Riches, we try and help Mickey Arny raise money for the "Recycle Soul" Kickstarter which is a fantasy series about a guardian angel that wakes up with no memory about the incident that killed his lover.
Find more about Jeff Civillico at:
- Donate to Win-Win Entertainment - http://www.winwinentertainment.org/donate/
Find more about Presto Magic at:
Find more about the "Recycle Soul" Kickstarter at:

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