Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti interview with music by Electronic Artist Aria Nichols - Ep. 0034


Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti talks about:
- [8:29] how competitive eating is a sport
- [9:12] why, and how, he got in to competitive eating
- [12:59] some of the records he's held, and currently holds, eating accomplishments
- [15:10] his film "Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating" came to be
- [20:22] if he's ever done an event eating things you shouldn’t eat
- [21:36] the latest news around healthy leaving specifically in his sport
- [23:20] how much time is spent in the bathroom after an event
- [24:35] what injuries may be suffered in the sport of competitive eating
- [29:47] his favorite Major League Eating sanctioned events
[26:18] Then we quiz Crazy Legs Conti to find out how well he really knows the Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.
[32:17] In Musical Notes, we talk about Electronic Artist Aria Nichols and also played her song "See Where This Goes".
[2:01] In Roasted Spam, a new bit, Michael goes through his spam folder and roasts those that send, and fall for, spam.
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