Comedian, Host & Musician Phil Johnson interview with music by his Comedic Band Roadside Attraction - Ep. 0019


Comedian Phil Johnson talks about:
- [6:32] his Comedic Band Roadside Attraction and when they play together
- [7:18] how being a musician came before being a comedian
- [12:17] his YouTube videos where he breaks down his songs
- [15:05] his pirate-themed podcast "Under The Crossbones", guests he's had on and his upcoming 100th episode
- [19:30] his being often being mistaken for a woman from behind
- [25:45] his upcoming 4th comedy album and how he goes about putting them together
[13:42] We also had a special acoustic version of his song "Dodged A Bullet" played live!
[23:34] Then we quiz Phil to find out how comedians, who are big fans of 80's rock, know their one hit wonders.
[30:59] We also played the song "I Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly)" from Phil's Comedic Band Roadside Attraction.
[1:46] In Pitches Get Riches, we try and help Josh Barsness raise money for the "Betta Fish" Kickstarter which is a film about a provocative clash between a con artist prodigy and a beautiful, malicious mob boss queen.
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Find more about the "Betta Fish" Kickstarter at:

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