Comedian & Host Paul PK Kim interview with music by Country/Pop Artist Katie Belle - Ep. 0018


Comedian Paul PK Kim talks about:
- when he started performing stand up and how he got into it
- the Laugh Factory in Hollywood being his home club
- who he pisses off with his Asian humor
- if he agrees with the statement "President Trump is good for comedy."
- his own podcast "The PK Comedy Podcast" and interviewing Margaret Cho
- the non-profit organization "Kollaboration" he started back in 2000
- knowing a lot of other Paul Kims and even the one in Orange County I found
Then we quiz PK to find out how comedians, who also DJ weddings, know their overplayed, cliché wedding songs.
We also played the song "American Wild" from the Country/Pop Artist Katie Belle.
In Pitches Get Riches, we try and help Cara Jones raise money for the "Second Coming" Kickstarter which is a documentary about two siblings that must find their own paths outside a religion known for arranged marriages and mass weddings.
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