Comedian Azhar Usman interview with music by Indie Electronica Band Unknower - Ep. 0023


Comedian Azhar Usman performing at the Desi Comedy Fest talks about:
- [4:17] finding out he's made it on the Celebrity Pronuncopedia YouTube Channel
- [5:11] why CNN and Fox News, who can't agree on anything, both think he's a funny Muslim
- [5:46] how he met Donald Trump at the Fox News studios in the Celebrity Apprentice days
- [7:35] his thoughts on Donald Trump then and now, the media, fake news and conspiracies
- [12:35] being a former attorney and why he made the jump to comedy
- [15:05] his community activism especially around the time of 9/11
- [16:50] my reading somewhere that Dave Chappelle performed with him over 50 times
- [19:05] what he learned from the comedy great Dick Gregory about comedy and activism
- [21:28] how he feels when he hears his name on the Celebrity Pronuncopedia YouTube Channel
- [25:53] being a comedy writer for Hasan Minhaj's 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner speech
- [43:36] his upcoming performance at the Desi Comedy Fest
- [46:08] his episodes of the show "Patriot" on Amazon and going into season 2 filming
[34:07] We also got a question via Twitter from Imran Mulla who's from Leicester, England. Imran asked Azhar, do you ever experience tension between your art and religious values?
[37:39] Then we quiz Azhar to find out how smart Chicagoans are with Chicago trivia questions.
[49:22] We also played the song "Captive Ones" from the Indie Electronica Band Unknower.
[2:39] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael as he tells you why the harassment of his little brother stopped one day.
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