Comedian Adam Grabowski interview with music by Rock Band The Extended Play - Ep. 0035


Comedian Adam Grabowski talks about:
- [9:24] how he got started in started in stand-up and why
- [10:10] how he likes performing at colleges (over 600 so far)
- [12:28] how his performances have taken him to 47 states
- [14:18] his good friend, and #PodCastOf1000sFamily member, Comedian Jacob Williams
- [16:29] the high and multiple lows of his America's Got Talent appearances
- [18:11] what it's like to have a "You Don't Have To Watch Party"
- [19:41] reality TV editing and how that impacted his America's Got Talent Judge Cuts episode
- [32:27] the latest news around mental health issues and his #SAYITANYWAY campaign
- [35:38] his advice for someone thinking about doing something similar to the Parkland High School shooting
- [44:41] his favorite joke shirts that you can buy today
[39:20] Then we quiz Adam Grabowski to find out how well he really knows the colleges he performs at.
[48:40] In Musical Notes, we talk about Rock Band The Extended Play and also play their song "Fabric".
[1:49] In Roasted Spam, Michael goes through his spam folder and roasts those that send, and fall for, spam.
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Find more about The Extended Play at:
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