Comedian, Actor & Inventor Marla Schultz interview with music by Metal Rap Artist C.HAVOC - Ep. 0025


Comedian, Actor & Inventor Marla Schultz talks about:
- [4:01] when and why she got into comedy
- [4:26] what it's like being a female, and Jewish, in stand-up comedy
- [8:05] how she knows #PodCastOf1000sFamily member Comedian Kelly MacFarland
- [8:28] whether she knows they have a similar line in their acts
- [9:44] acting she's done and hopes to do
- [11:45] the short film "Idle Worship" and it's accolades
- [13:12] whether she'd choose comedy or acting if she could only have one
- [14:28] her invention The Racktrap and how it came to be
- [17:27] how she uses her #Powers4Good to make the world a better place
- [18:37] her bouts with depression and how she helps others
[22:02] Then we quiz Marla to find out how smart Comedians are who help others fight depression.
[27:25] We also played the song "Manifest" from the Metal Rap Artist C.HAVOC.
[2:11] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael as he tells you how much his family respects him.
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Find more about C.HAVOC at:
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