Actor, Producer & Writer Larry Dorf from Nobodies on TV Land with music by R&B Artist Glancy Kelly - Ep. 0014


Actor, Producer & Writer Larry Dorf talks about his time with the Groundlings, other successful comedians & actors he came up with at the Groundlings like Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone who are also the executive producers of Nobodies on TV Land, his costars Hugh Davidson and Rachel Ramras and how they came up with ideas for Nobodies, what it's like playing yourself as a character that has written lines, being a writer and voiceover actor on Mike Tyson Mysteries and how they record with Mike Tyson and Norm MacDonald.  We also find out how smart Voiceover Actors & Writers are by asking about voiceover terms.  We also played "Hold On To Me" from R&B Artist Glancy Kelly.  In a new bit called You Must Discuss, I make my former neighbor/current good friend, Jeremy, discuss an uncomfortable question from the mind, body or soul categories.
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