Actor & Producer Selah Victor interview with music by Rock Artist Derek Jordan - Ep. 0033


Actor & Producer Selah Victor talks about:
- [3:14] growing up with 7 siblings
- [3:56] performing at a young age
- [7:52] spending a year aboard in the UK during college
- [11:55] moving to Los Angeles and her first film
- [13:35] her roles as the public breastfeeder in Bad Santa 2 & Teachers
- [15:33] working with The Katydids and #PodCastOf1000sFamily member Caitlin Barlow
- [16:59] the latest news about the #MeToo movement and her story
- [22:43] whether or not she feels things will stay changed after this movement
- [27:13] the film she produced starring Sharon Stone called "All I Wish"
[23:55] Then we quiz Selah Victor to find out how well she remembers Improv terminology being a graduate of the Second City Conservatory.
[32:09] In Musical Notes, we talk about Rock Artist Derek Jordan and also played his song "This Will Be My Year".
[1:39] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael by hearing about his own Improv experience that involved a very popular farting scene.
Find more about Selah Victor at:
- All I Wish -
- Teachers Clips -
Find more about Derek Jordan at:
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