Actor & Comedian Will Roberts interview with music by Indie Rock/Alternative Band Social Gravy - Ep. 0027


Actor & Comedian Will Roberts talks about:
- [3:20] why the affinity to westerns & everything cowboy
- [7:58] details on how he became a Guinness World Record holder
- [10:50] how he became a Cowboy Trick Roper for Cirque du Soleil
- [19:14] also being a Magician and why it's good to have many skills
- [20:24] his acting career and his upcoming Netflix movie O Matador (The Killer)
- [21:56] how he's typecast into the role of guy who possesses, or uses, guns
- [22:51] the latest news on Harvey Weinstein and his industry experience
- [33:04] being a mechanical bull trainer and when he trained Beyoncé for a music video
[30:03] Then we quiz Will Roberts to find out how smart cowboys are.
[37:22] We also played the song "My Love" from the Indie Rock/Alternative Band Social Gravy.
[1:50] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael as he says a prayer to God in hopes to get the ultimate performer on his podcast.
#Extras with:
- A prayer to thy ultimate performer, God on 10/24/17 -
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Find more about Social Gravy at:
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