Actor Adam Herschman from the movie Zen Dog with music by World Pop Band Baha Men - Ep. 0017


Actor Adam Herschman talks about:
- playing Glen in the 2006 comedy "Accepted"
- playing Brad in a short film called "How to Survive a Breakup" in 2015 (the film was written by #PodCastOf1000sFamily members Deena Adar & Kai Collins)
- the movie "Zen Dog" which we saw at the Newport Beach Film Festival
- playing Dwayne in "Zen Dog" and how he helps the character Reed (Mud), played by Kyle Gallner
- working with the writer and director of "Zen Dog", Rick Darge
Then we quiz Adam to find out how good actors are at remembering the jobs they've held in films.
We also played the song "Ride With Me" from the World Pop Band Baha Men.
In Pitches Get Riches, we try and help Jonathan Zuck raise money for the "Meant to be Broken" Kickstarter which is a dark comedy that follows 3 unlikely companions on a road trip crime spree down the East Coast.
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