Oct 9, 2017

Drag Queen Miss Conception interview with music by Alt Rock/Metal Artist Henry Metal - Ep. 0026

Drag Queen Miss Conception talks about:
- [3:50] what it means to him to be a Drag Queen
- [4:26] when he first dressed up in drag
- [5:33] whether or not he always liked to sing and dance
- [7:17] how easily he can spot a virgin of drag shows in the audience
- [8:11] if all the drag queens he knows are gay
- [9:18] some of the misconceptions about drag queens
- [11:08] doing weddings
- [13:56] how he uses his #Powers4Good to make the world a better place
- [15:22] his Canadian accent when I rib him about it
- [20:21] his new show "Where in the world is Miss Conception?"
[16:36] Then we quiz Miss C to find out how smart Drag Queens that perform a lot on cruises.
[24:47] We also played the song "Thank God for the Government" from the Alt Rock/Metal Artist Henry Metal.
[2:32] In Moments With Michael, you get to know the PodCast Of 1000s host Michael as he tells you about the ups and downs of a comedy hero, Andrew "Dice" Clay.
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